Avalon Meadows is a full service training facility. We start young horses to saddle, resolve issues with problemed horses and will also put the finishing touches on your show horse. When starting young horses we begin with teaching them basic ground manners and then progress into lunge work which helps to increase stamina and balance as well as create a good level of trust and respect between horse and trainer. While lunging the horse we start to incorporate voice commands for all the transitions, this makes it very clear to the horse what we are asking for. Once these and other skills are mastered and the horse is relaxed and confident, we then start our under saddle work. We try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

My approach to problemed horses is similar because I feel a problem arises from a lack of correct current training or from a deficiency in a certain area when the horse was started. Respect for the rider is also something that is usually missing and is part of the problem. The older horse tends to progress more quickly through the training steps. Once the problem is resolved, the rider must be diligent about consistently reinforcing the good behavior the horse has learned.

Avalon Meadows offers general training in Hunters, Dressage and Western pleasure. Within any of these disciplines our goal is to develop a fun and loving partnership between you and your horse. Whether it be for show or for pleasure we can tailor a training package to fit all your needs.

Training prices are dependent on the type of training being done and the quantity of rides per month.